The Sunday Report


Like I said, Seattle and Denver would advance and they sure did. After a sluggish first half, then losing Shaun Alexander for the game, Seattle stayed focused and pulled out the victory. Redskins 10 – Seahawks 20 Denver wasn’t able to establish the run like I thought they were going to be able to, but Jake Plummer produced when they needed him to and the Broncos took advantage of the Patriots costly mistakes. The Patriots Reign at the top ends. Patriots 13 – Broncos 27 My predictions for Sundays matchup’s as follows, Steelers vs Colts 1 p.m.The Steelers get their second crack at the Colts after getting beaten in every aspect of the game 26-7 on week 12. This will be a much different game. The biggest matchup of the game will be Peyton Manning vs Troy Polamalu. In the week 12 meeting, Polamalu was very unpredictable and confused ManningRead More »

NFL Playoffs & Pens recap


My predictions for this weekend as follows, Redskins at Seahwaks. Washington is peaking at the right time winning 6 in a row, after the tough win on the road against Tampa Bay last saturday. For the skins to be successfull, they will need to control the ball with Clinton Portis, and make a few big plays to stay in this game. Despite Seattle’s explosive and dynamic offense, the skins D will keep them in the game, but the the skins offense will struggle,and i dont see Mark Brunell making enough plays down field in the 4th quarter. That will be the difference in this game. Seahawks advance to the NFC Championship Redskins 17 – Seahawks 27 Patriots at Broncos The Patroits come into to Denver with tons of confidence and they have that swagger back that has brought them 3 superbowls in 4 seasons. The Pats take on a DenverRead More »

Is it Time For Craig Patrick to go ?


The question around town lately has been, whose the blame for this mess that is the Penguins. The obvious choice a month ago was Edzo with his firing, but as we have seen of late, he wasn’t the only problem. Half way through the season the Pens are at the bottom of the standings and I put the blame on Craig Patrick. Mario had faith in him and gave him sole control on who to bring in this summer, and what kind of team to construct in the new NHL. This offseason was Patrick’s dream, he had his CBA he wanted, the young stud superstar in Sidney Crosby, most of all he had money to spend with only 7 million committed to players going into the free agency period, with management saying there projected payroll was going to be around 30-33 million. Well Craig Patrick surely did spend that money,Read More »

News and Notes


The Pittsburgh Steelers come into the playoffs peaking and will be a darkhorse in the playoffs. It looks like to me that the bengals already won their own super bowl by getting to the playoffs for the first time since 1990. The Bengals run D is just awefull and i see a game resemblence to the first meeting between the two teams. The Key to advancing deep into the playoffs for this team is the play of Big Ben and Joey Porter. If Ben plays the way he did against the Browns this team will win the Super Bowl if he plays average this team doesn’t get past the first round. Joey Porter is the key for the playoffs , mark it down you read it here. This guy has had a average season, but he still can be dominating, i believe he will be in the playoffs, the playerRead More »