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Baron Batch expects to bounce back in the long run from torn ACL

Rookie Baron Batch had his NFL dreams for this season taking away from him when he tore his ACL near the end of Wednesday’s practce on the turf practice field.
Batch who emerged as the star of training camp and was a lock to make the team barring a meltdown in the preseason, wrote a moving message on his blog last night.
“Friday I was supposed to play my first NFL game,” Batch wrote. “That won’t happen. Today {Wednesday} I tore my ACL. I’m not sure why I’m writing about this right now except for the fact that God put it on my heart to do so. I probably should be devastated at the fact I wont play my rookie season but… I’m not. After my season ending injury my freshman year of college I promised myself that I would never ask God “why?” again and I’m not about to start now.
“It’s during the tough times that we are able to grow. I’m excited to hit another growth spurt. I’ve never been so close to something and then have it pulled away. I felt like my NFL career was within grasp, I could feel it on my fingertips only to have it pulled away and postponed. As I was being carted off the field today I could clearly hear my mothers voice whispering, “Have faith son, have faith.”
Batch was battling Mewelde Moore for the third down job and had shown the ability where he likely would have contributed on special teams in his rookie year.

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