Anaheim Ducks General Manager Brian Burke is scrambling and realizing trading Mathieu Schneider and his $5.6 million per season cap hit is not a easy task. There have been up to 8 teams to inquire about Schneider but that number is growing smaller by the day. Bruce Garrioch of the Ottawa sun reports Kings, Canucks, Thrashers, Devils, Blues are in the running to land Ducks D Mathieu Schneider. Five teams may be a stretch. It may be down to three teams at the max
Among the team’s Garrioch mentions, the Canucks interest has been mild. They have yet to make a offer. The Kings are only willing to acquire Schneider if the Ducks absorb $2.5- $3 million in salary and send an draft pick their way. Unless Burke takes on a salary he doesn’t want, the Kings are out of the running.

The Devils are very interested but only have between $3-3.5 million in cap space. The Ducks and Devils are currently trying to get a third team involved. Very unlikely to happen this close to the season.
The Thrashers obviously have the cap space but sources indicate Brian Burke privately told Schneider he would give him the opportunity to choose between interested parties. With many teams dropping out, Burke may have no choice but to move him to place like Atlanta where Schneider likely doesn’t want to go
The Blues are another team with a self imposed cap who have shown interest with injuries to their blueline. Just like the Kings it is likely that they will look to send salary the other way.
Other Teams who were in the mix
The Senators have failed to make the numbers work. The Islanders remain on the outside. Their demands are high to take on Schneider’s salary according to a source. Phoenix previously expressed interest but are looking at cheaper alternatives. They have targeted a current Penguin. Check out previous Insider reports for who that may be