All of the optimism from the NHL’s proposal on Tuesday is now gone.
The NHLPA today made three new proposal’s to the league and none approached the 50-50 revenue split that the NHL is seeking.
“It’s clear we’re not speaking the same language,” commissioner Gary Bettman told reporters in Toronto. “I am totally disappointed,” Bettman said.
Bettman indicated the proposals were a “step backwards” and he also said that all three offers from the players were similar to the ones they made this summer. Bettman says the NHL’s offer is fair and balanced.
Many saw today as a critical day in negotiations that would reveal whether a full season would become possible and that has been thrown out the window. Where will things go now? “I don’t know what the next step is,” Bettman said. I’m obviously very discouraged.”
Things again appear headed towards a lengthy lockout as we’re back at square one with neither side willing to negotiate off each other’s proposal. The hope had been that the NHLPA would negotiate off the NHL’s offer and that hasn’t been the case.