Coming into week 4 the Steelers were ranked 30th in the league for plays of 20+ yards. The Steelers have only 5 plays of 20+ yards, the same number the lowly Kansas City Chiefs had going into week 4. A offense that fields dynamic players such as Ben Roethlisberger, Willie Parker and Santonio Holmes should never be mentioned in the same breath of the Kansas City Chiefs.

Steelers offensive coordinator Bruce Arians took the blame for the Steelers debacle Sunday afternoon against the Eagles. Eagles defensive coordinator Jim Johnson stifled the Steelers offense with numerous blitzing schemes. Johnson failed to do the same last night as Kyle Orton and the Chicago Bears put up 24 points against an Eagles defense that looked like the 85 Bears defense against the Steelers
Tonight’s game against the Ravens is a crucial game for Bruce Arians. There are rumblings that if the Steelers offense does not improve over the next two games there could some changes during the bye week. It is very unlikely that Arians will be fired but Mike Tomlin is expected to take a bigger role in the Steelers offense if progress isn’t made. The coaching staff and the players were not on the same page against the Eagles. Roethlisberger had an extensive meeting with the coaching staff to resolve the issues. Tonight’s game may not be a make or break game but the pressure is on Arians to produce