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Insider Only Conference Call with Ray Shero and Interim Head Coach Dan Bylsma

Live Updates from the Conference Call
Dave Molinari: Ray, Why did you decide a change was in order today?
Ray Shero: Shero indicated he watched for significant weeks and just didn’t like the direction the team was going. That is why change was made
DM: Did the Outcome of last night’s game have any decision on firing Therrien?
RS: “It wasn’t so much the outcome as the way the game was played,” but it was the direction they were going. Quite Frankly he didn’t like the direction of the team. Shero met Therrien around 6:30 and told him that he was making a change
DM: Why did you pick Bylsma?

RS: Shero indicated he sees Bylsma as one of the best young coaches in the game
DM: Where did it go wrong?
RS: Shero was not sure, said he can‚Äôt pinpoint an exact reason. Shero indicated Michel Therrien was very loyal to him and he was thankful for it considering everyone said the two couldn’t co-exists when Shero was hired.
Criag Tuscan The SportingNews: Did you feel Michel Therrien lost the team?
RS: “Hard to say” said he can‚Äôt pinpoint that. Shero indicated he just has a feeling now is the time for a change.
Craig Tuscan – Sportingnews РWere expectations too high?
RS: “Hard to say”
Bill Phillips WPXI: Ray, is this a young team that can be jump started now?
RS: ‚Äúthat is the ultimate goal right now‚Äù Shero indicated this is a resillant group and has confidence Dan can rally the troops and the team can turn it around. Shero believes now is the time to move forward. Dan is demanding of his players according to Shero but is fair. “Stresssed fair”
Mike Prisuta – Tribune-Review: How much accountability on the players?
Ray Shero: “Everyone is accountable” Shero also stated he is accountable and it starts with him. He takes responsibility for the teams failures.
Mike Prisuta: Can Dan Bylsma earn full time status or is this just on a interim basis?
Ray Shero: Shero indicated he doesn’t even know what the interim status means. Seems like he is going to see how things go and go from there.
Gene Collier: Did any players come to the front office asking for the coach to be fired
Ray Shero: First part, “Absolutely no”, Second part: doesn’t change any personnel moves and he will try to make any changes if needed
Scott Burnside: why didn’t you go to a proven NHL coach
RS: Believes Dan is the right fit right now. Knows the organization, knows the players.
Bylsma speaking to the media
Bylsma wants to play an aggressive system and says he is in a tough position with no morning skate tomorrow. Bylsma will meet with the players in the morning. He is really stressing speed right now. Seems like we are going to see an agressive system which Ray Shero has been stressing for the past couple months.
Shero will meet with his players at 10:00 p.m.

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