The Penguins walkout meetings are on-going this afternoon and Sidney Crosby confirmed what many suspected: A set back.

The Penguins captain during today’s media availability said he had another setback about a week in a half ago, which pretty much put an end to any chance of him returning for the playoffs.
“I had symptoms and had to take a step back, ” Crosby said. ” I started trying to ramp up things up a bit as far as working out and skating and I got a little bit of symptoms.”
Crosby is in a scary situation going into the off-season, as Crosby said that the headaches and “head pressure” continue to this day.
Doctors halted Crosby on-ice skating early last week once a setback appeared.
Another interesting tidbit, Crosby pretty much admitted that he had the first concussion in the Winter Classic and believes he might have had 2 concussions in 5 days.
Crosby said at the point of the Steckel hit, the thought process was that he just had neck pain.
The Penguins have denied that Crosby suffered a concussion in the Winter Classic. However, Crosby’s agent Pat Brisson has gone public stating that he believes Crosby first concussion happened on January 1.
Due to a botched diagnosis where Crosby’s first concussion was not treated in a proper manner, Crosby is in uncharted waters at this point in the hope of a full recovery.
Crosby though is confident he will be ready for next season and hopes to be the “same player”. He admitted the uncertainity of how he’ll have to get over those first couple hits once he returns.
Crosby said that the what the Penguins were able to do this season with almost half of the Wilkes Barre roster up here at some point, was “pretty incredible”