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1. The Pittsburgh Steelers could miss the playoffs because two knuckleheads couldn’t lay off the reefer. Martavis Bryant pending four game suspension is because of a failed drug test (marijuana) and what should have everyone in the organization furious is Bryant obviously can’t kick the problem as this wasn’t the first time or he would not have been in the program in the first place.

In fact, Bryant has either failed four drug tests to receive the four game suspension or failed to cooperate recently with the administered testing which would immediately slap the four game suspension after previously failing three tests.

There’s some out there who say drinking alcohol makes you more impaired than smoking marijuana, but no matter what side of the aisle you’re on, it violates the NFL’s substance abuse policy and whether it should be or not, it remains illegal in Pennsylvania by the way.

Teach Bryant a lesson, the Steelers should suspend him an additional four games for stupidity. Just like they should have cracked down (conduct detrimental to the team) on Le’Veon Bell themselves last season where the worst thing that happened to Bell was the organization ignoring him at the team annual luncheon.

2. Antonio Brown was spot on today with a couple of comments regarding Bryant:

— “You have to be highly professional in the way we carry ourselves off the field and on the field.” –

— “I’m never surprised. This is the NFL” —

3. The Pirates (77-49) moved 28 games above .500 with a 2-1 win over the Marlins tonight. It was just the Marlins but this is how the Pirates would love to draw it up just over a month from now in the wildcard game:

Get a big hit (Pedro Alvarez home run), Standout plays in the field (Aramis Ramirez, Jordy Mercer), Gerrit Cole goes 7 1/3 innings and then Tony Watson, Mark Melancon take over from there to close it out.

Cole now 15-7 on the season, snapped the longest winless streak of his career, allowing one run and five hits in 7 1/3 innings, striking out four and walking none.

In Cole’s career the Pirates are 23 games above .500 (45-22) when he pitches.

4. Groundball-Gerrit tonight! Cole struck out just four but worked into the eighth inning, keeping his pitch count under 100 (95) on the night. The Marlins hit into 11 groundouts vs Cole.

5. “I want to be a fourth-line guy, power forward. “Hit as many bodies as I can and deter a guy from taking a run at the 90,000 stars on the team.”

Those were the comments from Tom Sestito Wednesday to the Penguins official website

The narrative is slowly starting to die that a heavyweight/goon can deter teams taking runs at star players as less and less jobs are out there for guys like Sestito.

The reality is Sestito can’t deter liberties being taken at the likes of Sidney Crosby because you can only put a player like Sestito out there for five to six minutes a game. If heavyweights like Sestito want to try to keep a role in the NHL, instead of fighting the other teams tough guy when Sidney Crosby gets mulled in front of the net and pushed around, go run the oppositions star player and break a stick over his back next time.

I was going to say there’s need to be more Rick Tocchet’s around in this era, but on second thought, even Tocchet couldn’t deter Mario Lemieux getting pounded by the likes of Darius Kasparaitis.

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