12:25 a.m. thats it for the night…….everyone have a great holiday…..few updates in the morning back with full coverage over the weekend….. It’s been a pleasure again…..
11:05 p.m. Going into chat in the comments form found at the end of the page
10:37 p.m. The latest on Jagr from one of my insiders — “Jagr and Lemieux had a long talk during the playoff series. Lemieux told Jags that he saw the old fire in his eyes. It somehow got to the statement Jagr made at one point about wanting to finish his career in Pittsburgh. Lemieux said if Jagr was ever available, he would love to see him in a Penguin uniform. Something about unfinished business and trying to clear the animosity the Pens fans had with Jagr.The Pens put it out there and Jagr hesitated, so I don’t know if it will go any further. I don’t expect Lemieux will push it any more than he already did. I have the Pens with 3 million left under the cap. So signing Jagr is not likely” According to another source, “there is mutual interest from both sides but until Shero clears some salary its a longshot”
10:18 p.m. Going into chat at 11:00 in the comments form…..I’ll be answering questions for a while since its been a slow night…..
10:13 p.m. Still waiting to hear back from some people regarding Jagr. Hopefully I’ll hear something tonight and when I do I’ll post it. The Penguins are being low key right now. A lot of the Jagr buzz is coming from the Rangers organization and outsiders. I was told prior to the Penguins signing Satan, that the Jagr situation with going to drag on for another week. Likely to be slow tomorrow throughout the NHL. Things will pick up again on Saturday.
8:39 p.m. Big Jagr rumor — According to a source close to the Rangers organization who fed me the Naslund signing 50 minutes before the press announced it, the Rangers organization believes Jagr’s preference is to sign with the Penguins. It’s believed Mario and Jagr have had private discussions but the question remains according to this source, will the Penguins do what it takes to clear enough salary to sign Jagr and are other parties in the Penguins organization that interested in Jagr? There’s a rumor going around if Boyle accepts a trade to Ottawa, the Lightning would be interested in Sydor and Scuderi if they miss out on Jason Smith. Just hearsay regarding the Scuderi/Sydor rumor but my source with the Jagr info was on the spot with the Naslund signing so this may have legs. Waiting to hear back from my Penguins sources. I just don’t see the numbers matching up but well see where this goes. more to come
8:21 p.m. More Jagr rumors out of Canada — http://communities.canada.com/edmontonjournal/blogs/hockey/archive/2008/07/03/hot-rumour-jagr-to-penguins.aspx. I’ll have the latest update on Jagr when I hear back from my insiders. Thanks to Jordan for the link
6:10 p.m. The Rangers have 5 million in cap space with the Naslund signing and I’m hearing they are in talks with Demitra about a 2yr – 6 million deal. Demitra also talking to Ottawa, Vancouver, Buffalo, NYI and Washington Capitals. I’m hearing Jason Smith really wants to sign with the Lightning but that is only possible if they move Dan Boyle. I heard earlier in the day Buffalo and Ottawa made offers to Smith.
6:05 p.m. The Penguins have had preliminary talks with Jordan Staal. The number I’m hearing right now is 4yrs – 13.5 million. The agent for Jordan Staal has been flirting around the idea of 5 million per season but that is just speculation at this point.
5:58 p.m. I’m hearing Shero is a bit worried about team toughness and has continued his pursuit of Matt Cooke. Hopefully I’ll hear something on him soon.
5:47 p.m. Daryl Sydor and Rob Scuderi are on the trade block
5:44 p.m. According to a source, Brendan Shananhan has approached Ray Shero expressing a interest in Pittsburgh but from what I’m hearing Shero is not that interested.
5:31 p.m. FaceOff Circle is reporting the San Jose Sharks have signed Rob Blake. The Sharks were also looking at defenseman Jason Smith.
4:57 p.m. Its official — TSN is reporting the Rangers have signed Markus Naslund
3:51 p.m. A source tells Markus Naslund has signed with the New York Rangers. I’m being told 1yr – 4.5 million per season. Nothing confirmed yet. They had offers on the table to Demitra and Naslund.
3:18 p.m. I’m hearing Pittsburgh is waiting to hear back from Matt Cooke. He is believed to be considering the Penguins 2yr offer worth 1.6 million per season.
3:14 p.m. Sources tell TIOPS Georges Laraque has signed a three year deal worth 1.5 million per season with the Montreal Canadiens. Faceoffcircle.net is also reporting this. They have been very reliable.
2:39 p.m. Vancouver has had discussions about signing both Markus Naslund and Pavel Demitra but their infatuation with Mats Sundin might lead to them only signing one of them. Naslund is considering offers from Min, NYR, Van. Demitra is being pursued by Vancouver Canucks, NYR, Buffalo Sabres and Washington Capitals.
2:18 p.m. Prior to this signing the Penguins were garnering a lot of attention on the trade market. Teams looking to unload wingers are approaching Shero.
2:15 p.m. Sources indicate the Penguins are still in play for Matt Cooke. I’m hearing they have made a 2 yr offer worth 1.6 million per season.
2:10 p.m. The Satan signing is not that surprising considering he approached the Penguins yesterday after they missed out on Hossa. Shero kept Satan on the backburner until Naslund notified the Penguins this morning that he was going in another direction. Fedotenko was plan B after the Penguins broke off talks with Bertuzzi. I’m still hearing the Penguins believe they have about 6 million to play with because Shero believes he will find a suitor for Sydor. The Penguins were in talks with Jason Williams this morning.
1:55 p.m. Georges Laraque has offers on the table from Montreal, Nashville, Edmonton and Ottawa.
1:44 p.m. The Penguins have signed Miroslav Satan and Ruslan Fedotenko. Both have signed 1 year deals. Satan will make 3.5 million per season.
1:35 p.m. The Penguins have officially signed Marc Andre Fleury to a 7yr – 35 million deal. A lot of buzz going around that Dan Boyle has been approached to accept a trade to the Ottawa Senators
12:58 p.m. Sources indicate Penguins have received word from Markus Naslund. Still waiting on confirmation on who he is signing with. Should be announced soon. It is down to Vancouver, Minnesota, Nyr, Pit.
11:07 a.m. Shero continues his pursuit to move Daryl Sydor. Chicago had interest in him at the draft.
11:05 a.m. Daily News reporting the Rangers may be parting ways with Jagr. My sources still indicate he’s a longshot. Mario is behind the scenes trying to push this but right now I just don’t see it happening.
11:01 a.m. Still no word on Matt Cooke. I’m told a offer has been made. Jason Williams creating some buzz today. There has been a inquiry about Fedotenko but nothing more than that. No offer made to Satan yet who approached the Penguins about coming here. Discussions with Demitra. No offer as of this minute.
10:59 a.m. Penguins still have a slight interest in Bertuzzi if his asking price comes down. I’m being told he thinks he’s a three million a year player but no one is meeting those demands yet and is a reason Pittsburgh broke off talks yesterday.
10:51 a.m. If the Lightning are able to move Dan Boyle in the next day or two, the Lightning are expected to sign defenseman Jason Smith. If not, Smith could join the Sharks, Senators or Sabres.
10:46 a.m. Penguins stepping up efforts for Naslund. I’m still hearing he’s leaning towards returning to Vancouver or signing with Minnesota but Pittsburgh has slightly increased their offer and they are still in the running. The Rangers have had discussions with Naslund and Demitra. Potential suitors: Van, NYR Pit, Min
8:40 a.m. – This is what I got right now. Jagr a longshot. Naslund is also looking like a longshot. Most of Naslunds efforts are with Vancouver and Minnesota. Still a outside chance he signs here. With Fleurys contract the pens are down to 8 million in cap space with 4 roster sports to fill. Shero looking at older veterans but i was told to lower the expectations. Hearing Jason Williams, Miroslav Satan and Rusland Fedotenko this morning. A lot of pressure on Shero to get a top 6 winger via trade. gotta run… update later.