Is really a chance that current Penn State interim football coach Tom Bradley will end up at Pitt?

According to a report from college football insider site Sports-by-Brooks, Bradley is Chryst’s top choice to be Pitt’s defensive coordinator.
Bradley who is still under some consideration for Penn State’s head coaching job would likely jump at the chance to join Pitt’s staff as he won’t stay on with Penn State if he’s not named the schools new head coach.
Chryst though will have to sell Steve Pederson and Pitt officials on bringing Bradley on board. After being a strong candidate for the Pitt job last year due to pressure from the Rooney family, Bradley was given no consideration what so ever when the job opened up again this past month when Todd Graham resigned.
One big reason Bradley was given no consideration was because of his close ties to Jerry Sandusky and that could lead Pitt to turning down Chryst’s request to bring Bradley on board. It is believed that Pitt donors will not sign off on bringing Bradley on board.
A meeting between Bradley, Pederson, Chryst and other top officials is expected to take place on Thursday or Friday of this week. However, Paul Ziese of the Post-Gazette is among those covering the team who believes there’s no chance Bradley will be coming to Pitt. “Please listen up. Tom Bradley as Pitt defensive coordinator. Not going to happen. Period. Let’s move on, ” Ziese wrote today on twitter.
If Pitt had hired Bradley last year, it might have been a nightmare as several reports indicated that Bradley would have brought Michael McQueary to Pitt who Bradley is extremely close with.