A down economy has made it to Major League Baseball. Many teams are likely to cut back this off-season and there is even speculation that the Yankees payroll will be lower than what it was last year. When the market is down, there are bargains out there. One player the Pirates should take a strong look at is Adam Dunn.
According to Jerry Crasnick, Dunn’s price might be dropping in a down market. Two NL officials told Crasnick that ‚Äúthey wondered whether Dunn would command even a Jose Guillen-caliber, three-year, $36 million deal from a team other than a small market team like the Washington Nationals‚Äù
Dunn strikes out a lot but so what. Dunn 29, has 5 straight 40 home run seasons and he’s a sure bet for 40 home runs, 100 RBIs and a .380 on-base percentage every season. What is also intriguing about Dunn is it won’t require any draft picks as compensation since the Arizona Diamondbacks declined to offer him salary arbitration this week.

The Pirates desperately need a left handed power hitter and it‚Äôs something they should look into. They would have to overpay a bit over the current market value (3 yrs ‚Äì $36million) but if the 59 – 102 Washington Nationals are believed to be the front runners to land Dunn, then why can’t the 67 – 95 Pittsburgh Pirates at least explore the possibility. Ownership was willing to trade for Matt Morris and his $9.5 million salary annually. Why not overpay for a player who will get you 40 home runs and 100 RBI’s.
Photo courtesy of SD Dirk