Talks expected to go down to the 11th hour
Ray Shero and Allan Walsh the agent for Ruslan Fedotenko began their first set of talks on a new contract in Montreal on Thursday.
Three days later and the two sides are not any closer to a deal on a new contract than they were on Thursday.
Based on discussions thus far, sources indicate the two sides remain apart on the term of the contract and the amount of money per season.
Shero will speak to Allan Walsh again Tuesday morning and try to hammer out a deal and talks are expected to go down to the 11th hour.
Pittsburgh has made a

two year offer believed to be worth $2.5 million per season with a NTC.
What to watch for
Ruslan Fedotenko has expressed a strong interest in returning. Pittsburgh had made a very fair offer and has included a NTC into the deal according to sources involved in the talks.
What were going to see happen is Fedotenko’s camp wait until the last minute to see if the Penguins will increase their offer to three years.
Although the two sides remain apart on some key issues, I wouldn’t rule out a return just yet, although If Fedotenko hits the open market, he will be gone.
There is significant interest in Fedotenko league wide and he will get a three year deal worth over $3 million per season on the open market
Minnesota, New York Rangers, Edmonton Oilers, St. Louis Blues and San Jose Sharks have interest in Fedotenko and there will likely be more suitors for the 30 year old winger.
Scuderi to test Free Agency
Pittsburgh Penguins defenseman Rob Scuderi has informed Ray Shero that he will test free agency but both sides haven’t closed the door on a return.
Pittsburgh expects Scuderi to get offers of $2.75 million from competitive teams which Pittsburgh can compete with.
It’s the offers of $3 million (plus) from a team like the Islanders, that is going to make it very difficult for the Penguins to come close too.
Pittsburgh has not made an official offer to Scuderi but indications are they are willing go as high as $2-$2.2 million per season over four years.
All indications are Scuderi will come to the Penguins in free agency like Brooks Orpik did last year and see what they can offer.
Scuderi top choice is Pittsburgh but it’s been clear for the past week, he will have to give the Penguins a significant home-town discount.
Zigomanis announcement on new deal set for Monday?
* Just speculation right now but I just got a text from a source this afternoon who told me Mike Zigomanis has agreed to a two year deal worth $1.5 million and a deal could be announced on Monday.
I am waiting to get confirmation from another source before I report it on the main page. I should have more on this in a bit.