There are no new developments on the Shane Doan front since my last filed report on the situation on Friday afternoon. Doan, according to an NHL source, has received offers (that he is or has been considering) from the Penguins, Kings, Red Wings, Canucks, Sharks, Sabres and Rangers
Since July 1, Doan has become much more open to going to the Eastern Conference than many thought he would, as he’s expressed strong interest in the Penguins and Rangers. Despite the Sabres believed to have made a massive four year offer worth over $25 million, they are not believed to be under strong consideration from Doan, despite what his agent may say publicly, as his focus is on the Penguins and Rangers in the Eastern Conference, and a small list of the teams in the Western Conference, headlined by the Vancouver Canucks, sources say.
Pittsburgh which has made an aggressive pitch to Doan, believed to have offered a three year deal just north of $14 million, remain in waiting mode as Doan is still waiting on the Phoenix Coyotes.
According to Doan’s agent Terry Bross on Tuesday morning, they are still waiting to see if things progress this week between the NHL and their sale of the Coyotes to Greg Jamison. Bill Daly has indicated to Bross that the NHL is moving forward with their sale to Jamison. I’m told it’s very possible by the end of the week that Doan will make a decision whether or not to move forward on resigning with Phoenix. For now, the Coyotes remain the leader in the Doan sweepstakes.
Doan’s camp is believed to be only considering offers of at least 3-4 years and no short-term offers of 1-2 years. At least that’s the word they want out there.
The Penguins, according to multiple sources, are a huge longshot to increase their offer to four years under any circumstances with Doan turning 36 in October and the possibility of a season long lockout that wouldn’t have Doan putting on a sweater until he’s 37 years old and his contract not ending until he’s 40 if that’s the case (no season in 2012-2013).
Because of a possible lockout, it has Doan seeking at least three years and he’s received multiple four year offers. He shouldn’t expect one from the Penguins though.