Running back Rashard Mendenhall is reunited with Bruce Arians. Mendenhall this afternoon agreed to a one year deal worth around $2.5 – $3 million, turning down an opportunity to join the Denver Broncos.
Mendenhall’s camp had been discussing a longer term with both teams but Mendenhall has opted to try to prove himself again and cash in next off-season at age 26.
Now it remains to be seen whether Denver might have been the better fit for Mendenall. In Denver he would have had an all-pro quarterback around him in Peyton Manning and a strong offensive line. Arizona has neither.
*It has been absolutely dead quiet on Steelers CB Keenan Lewis. Indications are no one is showing interest in throwing big money at Lewis that would make Lewis out of the Steelers price range. It’s another story whether the Steelers will make an offer.

Lewis announced on twitter he is en route to visit the New Orleans Saints who don’t have a lot of cap space. The Saints have also expressed some interest in James Harrison. The Steelers have been monitoring Lewis situation but it remains unclear if they have any interest in making an offer.