Steelers WR Mike Wallace is good as gone with four to five notable teams in league circles already being linked to Wallace in the Miami Dolphins, Cleveland Browns, Kansas City Chiefs, Seattle Seahawks and San Francisco 49ers to a lesser extent.
Of the five mentioned teams, the sense continues to be that the Dolphins and Browns are the two teams prepared to throw the biggest money at the 26 year old receiver.
To no surprise Wallace is reportedly the Miami Dolphins top target.
The NFL combine is tampering central and Wallace’s agent Bus Cooke is already making it known to teams in the leadup to the combine that the asking price is a 5 year deal in the range of $60-$63 million. Wallace is seeking at least $27 to $30 million in guaranteed money.
There’s actually a sense around the league that Wallace is going to get it.
However, it will be interesting to see how many teams have this opinion of Wallace that former NFL scout Matt Williamson has, who is one of the best talent evaluators in the business.
Williamson speaking with MiamiDolphins.com on Tuesday expressed several concerns with a team paying Wallace big money, saying Wallace isn’t built for the “long haul”.
“I didn’t think he played very well last year,” Williamson of Scouts Inc said. “My worries with him are if he’s playing like a 4.2 forty guy right now that is wonderful, and he opens up a ton of room for guys on the outside and rest of offense and I think Tannenhill is going to be an accomplished deep ball thrower so he wouldn’t going to an offense who can’t get him the ball deep down the field.
“My worries is after an ankle, hamstring or two and after he ages and he’s playing like a 4.4, 4.5 guy, I don’t think he’s going to be a threat in a couple years. I don’t know if he’s built for a long haul. He’s such a one trick pony, he’s not a tough over the middle guy, not real great in red zone, doesn’t offer a ton after the run, and not going to get the full routetry at a high level,” Williamson said.
You can bet teams that like him have these same concerns that Williamson has and won’t be comfortable throwing the $50+ million at him, but there’s a good chance Wallace is still going to get the $60 million contract he seeks.