Penguins GM Jim Rutherford appeared on 937 The Fan in a wide ranging interview that delved into several topics.

Here are six Takeaways from the Rutherford interview on the Cook and Poni Show.


1. Cullen return in play?

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2. On Adding a third line center:

Rutherford said today one deal fell through recently, hinting the other team decided to keep the player.

It’s not clear if it was a bigger deal but sources have said the team felt they were very close to acquiring To read this insider news, subscribe to get “Inside Access”! “Enough talk I’m surprised we haven’t acquired one.”

3. On Whether the Ryan Reaves Trade was a bad one?

Rutherford was asked by Andrew Fillipponi if he has any regrets about the Ryan Reaves trade.

As he has continued to do all year, Rutherford defended the trade and what Reaves has brought to the table.

“I think Ryan has served his purpose,” said Rutherford. “I don’t have any second thoughts of that deal.”

Rutherford said during the interview that with the Penguins being back-to-back Champs, teams were going to be coming after them and what was an odd comment, Rutherford said on the show he believes Reaves’ presence has basically kept the Penguins healthy.

“Ryan has made sure that did not happen,” Rutherford said of the Penguins avoiding injuries because of Reaves being on the team. “I believe without him we’d be looking at a different situation.”

4. On Why Ian Cole has been a scratch

“That’s between him and the coach,” Rutherford said. [hide] “Coach wanted more out of him,” Rutherford indicated as to why Cole started sitting earlier in the season. “There’s competition at the position and earlier in the season Sully wanted more out of him.”

Rutherford was asked if Cole has demanded a trade.

He would not say Cole has or  hasn’t but did admit there’s been communication with the agent. [/hide]

“I have communicated with his agent [hide],” said Rutherford. “Ian just wants to have a chance to win again [but] When you’re in your contract year, you want to be playing. What he really wants is to be playing,” [/hide]

5.Trading First Round Pick will take “heck” of a player

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6. Prospect with most trade value is not Daniel Sprong


I thought a great question asked to Rutherford during the interview was which prospect does Rutherford get asked about the most during trade talks.

It’s not Daniel Sprong.

“[Filip] Gustavsson the young goalie from Sweden,” Rutherford answered.

And this matches up with talk around the league where scouts love Gustavsson’s ceiling and see him as a No. 1 goaltender.

Despite Tristan Jarry showing well this season in the NHL, there’s not a consensus around him that he’s going to be a legitimate No. 1 goaltender.

Scouts still see him as a very good No. 2 who can hold down a No. 1 role in spot duty.

Still it only takes one team to see No. 1 potential in Jarry and in time the Penguins are going to move one of their young goaltenders behind Matt Murray. Just likely won’t be this year and don’t look for it to be Gustavsson.

“Not my intent to look to move one of those three this year,” Rutherford said. [/hide]