Will Andrei Vasilevskiy Impact Matt Murray’s Next Contract?

The 3 year, $10.5 contract Andrei Vasilevskiy signed in July 2016 with the Tampa Bay Lightning set the precedent for Matt Murray’s next contract out of his entry level deal. Both were 22 year old goaltenders evolving into star netminders and four months later the Penguins and Murray coming off a Stanley Cup would agree to a 3 year, $11.25 million contract in October 2016.

Has Vasilevskiy set the precedent for future talks once again between the Penguins and Murray?

Vasilevskiy today agreed to a massive 8 year, $76 million extension that is loaded with $45 million in signing bonus money. The $9.5 million AAV that kicks in for the 2020-2021 season will make Vasilevskiy the third highest paid goaltender in the NHL.

The Penguins will never dish out $40+ million in signing bonus money to Murray on his new deal, it’s just something they won’t do (Including large portions of signing bonus money), but what the Vasilevskiy contract has helped do is secure at least a $7 million a year payday for Murray on his next contract.

Anything below $7.25 million a year and Murray’s agent isn’t doing his job.

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