MLB Draft Insider Keith Law of released his first Mock Draft for the 2011 MLB Draft and Law has the Pirates selecting Virgina pitcher Danny Hultzen with the 1st overall pick over the likes of Anthony Rendon and Garrett Cole.

Law has Rendon going to Seattle at No. 2 and Garrett Cole has fallen to No. 5 in Law’s Mock Draft.
Fast rising high school pitcher Dylan Bundy is getting preliminary interest from the Pirates but full expectations are that the Pirates will select a collegian player for the 3rd time under Neal Huntington with indications right now that the pick will be Hultzen or Garrett Cole.
Law on the Pirates: “I’m having a hard time seeing Hultzen as the best player on the board, but under Neal Huntington the Pirates have long considered value relative to cost in their drafts, sometimes preferring to spend less in the first round when they see opportunities to spend their savings on other appealing prospects in later rounds. They’re still considering Gerrit Cole and Anthony Rendon, and I know they’ve done their due diligence on Dylan Bundy (but are very unlikely to take him).”
Law on Anthony Rendon going No. 2: “I know Jack Zduriencik went to see both Francisco Lindor and Bubba Starling last week, but everyone I talk to says Seattle is taking Rendon if they’re happy with the medicals — and a very good source told me earlier this week that there is nothing structurally wrong with Rendon’s shoulder.”