Conor Bedard Sweepstakes

NHL DRAFT Lottery: Tonight 8:00 pm

TOP-5 Lottery Odds: 1. Anaheim 18.5%; 2. Columbus 13.5%; 3. Chicago 11.5%; 4. San Jose 9.5%; 5. Montreal 8.5%;

Other Notable Odds: Arizona 7.5%; Philadelphia 6.5%; Washington 6.0%

Penguins Lottery Odds: The Pittsburgh Penguins enter the night with around a 94% chance of staying put and picking 14th which would be the highest the Penguins have picked in the first-round since the 2012 entry draft. IF Pittsburgh wins the Lottery…… the team will make a maximum jump of 10 spots going from the 14th pick to the 4th overall selection……..