Rookies going through growing pains is nothing new but there is a level of disappointment in what the Steelers are getting from first round pick Jarvis Jones. Jones labled months ago by GM Kevin Colbert as one of the “6-8 special players” in the 2013 NFL draft, is off to an extremely disappointing rookie campaign with 19 tackles, no sacks and no forced fumbles.
Jones played just 11 snaps vs Raiders and has officially been benched in favor of Jason Worilds who played 54 snaps vs the Rainders.
“He’s just not doing enough detail work right now,” Tomlin said of Jones, “Jason Worilds is and that’s just the reality of it. Part of playing really good defense is having detail with your work and there’s more detail in Worilds’ work right now. Jarvis needs to continue to work. I think he’s open to that and we’re open to giving him an opportunity to do so.”
The frustration with Jones is that he’s a 24 year old rookie not a 20, 21 year old rookie who needs a year or two of seasoning before breaking out. Some team officials were right to have expectations of Jones being a true difference maker very early into the season and the Steelers have yet to get much of anything from him.
In fact the production overall at the Right Outside Linebacker position has been significantly bad for a defense that relies so heavily on big plays from their outside linebackers.

Jones and Worilds have combined for 38 tackles, 1 sack and 1 forced fumbled on the season. Say what you want about James Harrison being washed up and he pretty much is, but losing Harrison has been a bigger blow than anyone anticipated once the Steelers drafted Jones. You can bet Harrison would be making more of an impact even at his diminishing level.