With options dwindling in the KHL, former NHL superstar Jaromir Jagr is now actually exploring options for a return to the NHL.
A return to the NHL had been considered a pretty big longshot just last month following the World Championships but Jagr has had his agent contact 5 NHL teams (of interest to Jagr) in an attempt to gauge interest in the 39 year old winger.
Sources insist Jagr’s camp has reached out to the Penguins.
The Penguins though are said to continue to “blatantly” show no interest and that I’m told to look for denials to come from the Penguins organization on there being any discussions at all, if they were to be pressed about Jagr by the media in the coming week.

The Montreal Canadiens are believed to remain at the top of Jagr’s wishlist and the New York Rangers are also among the five teams Jagr’s camp has reached out to.
However, a surprise team to emerge into the mix is reportedly the Detroit Red Wings, with the report indicating Jagr is looking for a 1 year – $2.5 million deal.