1. Malcolm Jenkins- Ohio State, Sr- Jenkins nearly declared for the draft last year and probably would have been a mid to late first rounder. By coming back for his senior year, Jenkins has lined himself up to be the first defensive back taken. He has decent height being 6 foot and he has great speed. He also has the ability to play safety if need be.
2. Vontae Davis- Illinois, Jr- Davis is by far the best junior available at the position. He has great athleticism and is a very good physical player. I don’t see him passing up Jenkins but I could definitely see him going in the top 10.
3. Alphonso Smith- Wake Forest, Sr- Smith is short and occasionally makes a stupid and unnecessary mistake in coverage. With that said, he is the most athletic corner available which often makes up for any mistakes he makes on the field.
4. Darius Butler- Connecticut, Sr- Butler is a very well rounded corner. He has solid cover skills and above average speed. Butler has a nose for the ball and pretty good hands. He is also able to blitz off the edge if he needs to.
5. Victor Harris- Virginia Tech, Sr- Harris is a very instinctive player who is very good at reading formations pre-snap.

6. Trevard Lindley- Kentucky, Jr- There is a huge gap between the top junior corner (Davis) and the number two guy (Lindley). Lindley is very aggressive and doesn’t get caught out of position too often; however, he is very small for being 6 foot which really holds him back. If he bulks up a little he could be able to slip into the first day.
7. D.J. Moore- Vanderbilt, Jr- Moore shows a lot of potential with great tackling and good coverage skills, but his inability to rush the passer is a significant flaw.
8. Mike Mickens- Cincinnati, Sr- Mickens is a very aggressive corner with good closing speed. He is rarely caught out of position and he is a good tackler. Mickens’ injury issues have really dropped his draft stock. Without them he would probably be #4, and as high as #3.
9. Bruce Johnson- Miami, Sr- Johnson is a very well rounded player with a ton of athleticism. At this point he is way too small to be drafted on the first day. He really needs to bulk up.
10. Kevin Barnes- Maryland, Sr- Barnes has really improved his draft stock thus far this season. He has been playing a lot more aggressive but still has not been making any stupid decisions in the process.