The Miami Dolphins have signed former Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker Joey Porter to a 5 year deal worth 32 million. The deal is worth 20 million in guarantees and it’s not to surprising to see Porter get this kind of money considering the money owners have been throwing around the past two seasons. The minute he became a free agent, his phone was ringing. Porter had enough offers to visit most of the teams that run a 3-4 defense and few, including Cincinnati, that run a 4-3. He chose to play for Dom Capers’ 3-4 unit in Miami.

Regardless of what people say, the Steelers are going to hard pressed to replace Joey Porter.
James Harrison is not the answer. The guy cannot stay healthy for more than a couple games in a row and once your a backup for most of your career you become entrenched into that backup role. Same can be said Chucky Okobi.