Latest on Marc Andre Fleury

There is a lot of different information flying around surrounding Marc Andre Fleury’s future with the Chicago Blackhawks ahead of the deadline.

In recent days there has been growing buzz that Fleury is 100% open to agreeing to a trade if a deal can be worked out with a team that Fleury truly believes can win a Stanley Cup.

Chicago has spoken with around 5-6 teams but options become much more limited when it comes to being teams you can call a true Cup contender.

If they can pull it off financially, Colorado checks that box and is the primary team that has interested Fleury for a run at another Stanley Cup, league sources say. There is a belief Fleury would also consider Toronto who has checked into Fleury.

There’s much more mystery with teams on the periphery that have spoken with the Blackhawks on whether Fleury would actually waive to them as the clock is ticking on a decision.

Minnesota, Boston and To read this insider news, subscribe to get “Inside Access”! Washington has been the most aggressive suitor for Fleury since about January and more than anything, Fleury’s ‘lukewarm’ interest in Washington is said to be more about Fleury’s belief the Capitals are not a serious Stanley Cup contender that any bad feelings towards the Capitals. Washington will probably give one more crack at it before it’s all said and done.

The wildest rumors surrounding Fleury is Vegas owner Bill Foley determined to go through any means to re-acquire Fleury, despite his GM and President of Hockey Operations both being against such a move. There’s certainly rumblings Foley [hide] has looked into and it wouldn’t be the first time the Golden Knights owner initiated trade talks with another team himself.

One thing is clear, though, surrounding Fleury.

Whether he stays in Chicago or agrees to a trade, he’s going to be a rental.

Fleury would like to play two more seasons, sources say, but To read this insider news, subscribe to get “Inside Access”!