MacIntyre Recalled
The Pittsburgh Penguins have recalled enforcer Steve MacIntyre for tomorrow’s game against the Philadelphia Flyers. MacIntyre will be in the lineup. The Flyers will sure love the message the Penguins are sending with this recall.
Tortorella fined $20,000
The NHL announced, New York Rangers head coach John Tortorella has been fined $20,000 for comments following NHL Game #1204 at Pittsburgh on Thursday, April 5, the National Hockey League announced today. It is the second time Tortorella has been fined this season. The fine money goes to the NHL Foundation.

Pens captain Sidney Crosby called Tortorella’s comments about him being a whiner, garbage today. “I don’t know what he’s talking about,” Crosby said. “I mean, if you want you can put a camera on us all game, put a camera on Ryan Callahan all game. You’ll see who’s over there more with the officials. He should worry about his own players.” I don’t know where all of this started, if this is part of the new tactics in the playoffs, but it’s garbage,” Crosby said. “The games are played on the ice. You get all of this stuff going on and it really is garbage. It’s nonsense and if they want to do it, great, but I’m not going to waste my time answering questions about it all the time. It’s getting pretty old.”
No fine or suspension for Orpik
Brooks Orpik drew a five-minute major penalty for kneeing and a game misconduct in Thursday’s game and while the hit was looked at very closely by league officials today, the league has decided it won’t punish Orpik.