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Jordan Staal has become this week’s version of Joe Thornton in Pittsburgh.

If something gets talked among enough it becomes a story even if nothing is their.

While fans have been speculating about Staal being a third line trade target for the Penguins, the situation has picked up more steam with some of the media joining the fray.

The Staal rumors, though, are now identical to the Thornton chatter in the sense that the Penguins had no talks with Thornton and have had no talks with the Hurricanes about Staal.

The Penguins are not trading for Jordan Staal this summer and Penguins GM Jim Rutherford isn’t even bothering Ron Francis about it, a source says.

While the belief is the Hurricanes will eventually look to get out of the Staal contract, it won’t be this season, league sources say.

The Hurricanes are all in on trying to take the next step to being a playoff team this season. They sold Justin Williams on the idea they will keep the roster competitive by stretching the payroll to compete for the playoffs and they echoed that stance with multiple agents as they also had talks about bringing To read this insider news, subscribe to get “Inside Access”!