The Pittsburgh Steelers have given Lawrence Timmons one of the richest deals in league history for an inside linebacker. The Steelers 2007 1st round pick has agreed to a new 6 year – $50 million deal. In a matter of weeks, the Steelers have given linebackers Timmons and LaMarr Woodley a combined $111.5 million
The Steelers have spent big this summer, locking up their two top priorities in Woodley and Timmons, while resigning Ike Taylor to a 4 year – $28 million deal and Willie Colon to a 5 year – $29 million deal.
Timmons, 25, is one of the leagues most dynamic playmakers at the linebacker position.
Timmons deal is just a shade under the deal San Francisco gave ILB Patrick Williis, who signed a 7 year – $53.51 million deal last year.
The Jets gave ILB David Harris a 4 year – $36 million deal this summer, that included $29.5 million in guaranteed money, the most guaranteed money to an inside linebacker in league history.