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Insider Only Lockout is Over: NHL, players reach tentative 10 year CBA deal

What a day, THE NHL LOCKOUT IS OVER after nearly 16 hours of talks, ending the dispute after 113 days.
The NHL and players union have reached a tentative 10 year deal with an out option for both sides after eight years.
The deal will have to be ratified once all of the language is written up. A start up time will be announced in the coming days and if there’s a quick ratification, training camps could start later this week with possibly a 50 game season.
A few Details:
*10 Year CBA, 8 Year Opt-Out
*$64.3 million Salary Cap for Year 2 (2013-2014). $70 million transition salary cap for this season.
*8 Year Max Contract Term for teams resigning own players, 7 years for teams resigning new players.

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