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Insider Only Marvel Smith talks free agency, future with Steelers & more

Interview Courtesy of Sirius Radio “Moving The Chains” segment

Sirius Host: “Marvel, you know free agency is right around the corner. You’re going to be a free agent tackle. I’m going to assume you’re going to hit the open market. You know the first question I’m going to ask ‘How much gas is left in your tank?’ Because you have to sell that idea. Because if you got three in you, I got the contract waiting for you.”
Marvel Smith: “I’m actually feeling really good. It was difficult going through the injury but, like I said, its probably a blessing that it happened the way it did because I almost didn’t play the whole season so it feels like my body is that much more fresher because I had a lot more rest time or what not. And now, it was weird because at the Super Bowl it was a little more frustrating because I felt healthy enough to play. But that was the cards I was dealt. So right now I’m feeling healthy, I’m ready to go, I’m out here working out, training everything already so I’m feeling pretty good.”
Sirius Host: “All three tackles for the Steelers are going to be hitting free agency in some form or another. Would you like to go back to Pittsburgh? Have they talked to you about coming back?”
Marvel Smith: “I would definitely love to be back in Pittsburgh. I’ve been there my whole career. So I would definitely love to retire as a Steeler if that’s possible. There’s definitely been some talk about trying to bring me back and seeing what it’s going to take to do that. So my first choice would definitely be Pittsburgh and if that doesn’t work out I’ll definitely see what other options are out there.”
Sirius Host: “Any hankering to get back to the west coast?”
Marvel Smith: “I was born and raised in Oakland, California. So for me if it didn’t, for whatever reason I can’t go back to Pittsburgh, and I’ve been on the east coast my whole career, I would definitely love to be back on the west coast. No doubt about that.”
Sirius Host: “Realistically, where do you see your market value with the situation you’re in right now versus the other free agent tackles that are out there?”
Marvel Smith: “To tell you the truth I haven’t really paid much attention to it. Talking to my agent there’s definitely some interest out there and we’ll get a better idea of what that is after the teams go through the combine and sit down and look at their personnel and stuff like that. I really don’t judge myself amongst the other guys. I’m just trying to get myself back playing the type of football I know I can play, and go out there and play at the level that I want to.”
Sirius Host: “When healthy – and if you’re healthy and you sound like you are, at least getting close – do you still feel like you’re an elite left tackle in the pro game?”
Marvel Smith: “No doubt about it. Anybody that’s out there in free agency – I don’t want to sound, I don’t want my comments taken out of context or whatever – but if I’m healthy there’s nobody in free agency that’s going to be a better left tackle then I am.”

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