Shero/Crosby: “We’ve Moved On”
Detroit — Both teams met the media Friday afternoon on the eve of the Stanley Cup finals and the media buzz centered around Red Wings star forward Marian Hossa who will face his old team in a rematch of the Stanley Cup Finals.
Sidney Crosby on Marian Hossa signing with the Red Wings

“Yeah at the time it was dissapointing. It wasn’t harsh feelings towards him, it was just the fact he wasn’t going to be with us. You know if you would have asked me right after the season, I would have said 100% sure he’s coming back, I thought he really enjoyed it in Pittsburgh, at the same time we have moved on.”
Penguins general manager Ray Shero spoke to the media around 4:00 p.m. and the first question posed to him was about Marian Hossa.
Shero on whether there was a sense that Hossa would have accepted a one year deal with Pittsburgh
“No, not at all,” Ray Shero said. “I don’t know if I was surprised, I was probably like everyone else that it was a one year deal.
Shero like Crosby, indicated that the organization has “moved on”
While the Penguins have moved on, the media sure hasn’t and this topic will be front and center all series especially when the Penguins return home for Game 3 of the finals.
Other Media tidbits
There is a much stronger vibe throughout the media that the Penguins are more equipped to upend the Red Wings this time around.
Sidney Crosby and others indicated “There will be no surprises this year.”
Mike Babcock discussed how a rematch is good for the NHL with Sidney Crosby representing the NHL and the Red Wings being an oringinal 6 team.
Babcock also went out of his way to mention that when he looks at the commercials, he has to look back to check if the Red Wings won the Stanley Cup as Sidney Crosby is everywhere.
Marian Hossa looked uncomfortable today with all the media coverage that has surrounded him.
He’s a player that doesn’t like to be at the forefront of the media which is why he doesn’t like to play in Canada.
It will be interesting if the media pressure gets to him.
Hossa also made a reference that he would be a great scout as what he claims his final two teams in free agency were Detroit and Pittsburgh.
Some of the media members in the National Media are hinting that Bill Guerin may retire if the Penguins win the Stanley Cup Finals. I will get into this on Monday during an off day.