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Insider Only Mens Journal writer has left more “riveting” comments about Ben out of article

Mens Journal writer Paul Solotaroff has hit the airwaves in the past 24 hours and Solotaroff has come out in defense of James Harrison, indicating that he spoke with James yesterday and that James was not mad about anything that he was quoted about.
Solotaroff also pretty much indicated that Harrison said worse things about Roethlisberger (has everything on tape), saying that he has “better stuff on Ben”, he left of out the article so that James can keep peace in the locker room.

“We talked about 11 o’clock yesterday morning,” Solotaroff said on Thursday to ESPN Radio. “Look, James is the guy who’s got to live with Ben for the next three years. So as I told James, ;isten, whatever you’ve got to say to mend fences is perfectly fine with me.’’
“I filled up three notebooks, I don’t know how many hours of digital tape, and I cut so much stuff from this piece,” Solotaroff said. “There is just acres of stuff James said that’s compelling, amusing and riveting. And that wasn’t the only thing he said about Ben!”
Solotaroff was also on with Bob Papa and Ross Tucker of the Opening Drive and said similar things this morning.
“There has been a little bucking and wheeling in the last 24 hours regatrding the crack about Roethlisberger, but lets get clear about that, I’ve got way more about Roethlisberger on the cutting room floor here. Better stuff than what I ran with, “Solotaroff said.
“I told James yesterday, you’ve got to live wth that dude {Roethlisberger} for the next three years, you’ve got three very lucrative years left on your contract. “You’re the one that’s got to share a locker-room with him; you’re the one that has to share a sideline with him. Whatever it takes, Solotaroff told James about mending fences in the locker room.

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