Mike Johnston’s power in the organization or to put it better, lack of power in the organization, will be evident when the Penguins make a final determination rookie winger Daniel Sprong.

Penguins GM Jim Rutherford has a case of saying one thing and doing the complete opposite weeks later so anything that comes out of his mouth publicly should be met with some pause.

That said, Rutherford told the Tribune-Review today Sprong has done enough to stay in the NHL.

From the Trib:

[“It looks that way,” Rutherford said when asked whether Sprong has done enough to stay past the nine-game threshold. “If you’re asking me today, it looks that way.”]

What’s best for Sprong and what’s best for team in the present is more important to the top decision makers than what’s best for the organization four years from now when Sprong could be a star winger still playing on an entry level contract.

Keeping Sprong would also be looked at as a positive PR move for the team, something those at the top of the hierarchy in the organization care a little too much about.

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