The market for Jack Wilson is strong and six teams have expressed interest but that number will get smaller once free agency begins. The top two shortstops on the market will be Orlando Cabrera and Rafael Furcal. Once those two are off the board, it will become apparent where Wilson could end up. Check the MLB Chart for the list of teams.
Cleveland is among four teams to express interest in Freddy Sanchez
The New York Mets are a potential landing spot for John Grabow

The Pirates are going to receive a lot of calls regarding the availability of Ian Snell. Pittsburgh is looking for a three-for-one swap.
The market for first baseman is weak and the Pirates are unlikely to find a suitor for Adam Laroche.
A young corner outfielder with power is on the Pirates wish list. They will look to the trade market. Marlins outfielder Jeremy Hermida is on their radar and a source believes the Pirates will inquire about Twins OF Delmon Young who is on the trade block. The Marlins are selling low.
Cincinnati is going to be active in the trade market. Some believe they will make a play for Matt Holliday and Magglio Ordonez
The big market teams will be in on all the big names but San Francisco is expected to pursue C.C. Sabathia and Manny Ramirez. The Giants will also be in on Ben Sheets and Oliver Perez. As good as Ramirez is, his asking price may scare off some teams. The 35 year old is believed to be seeking a 5 year deal worth at least $85 million
Jake Peavy is the top pitcher on the trade market.