The Pirates, Padres, and Marlins all have offers on the table for reliever Will Ohman who is considered one of the best lefty relievers remaining on the market. The sweepstakes for Ohman may be down to the Pirates and Marlins.
It was reported today that the Padres appear to be a long-shot and may be out of the running for Ohman. It’s believed the Pirates and Marlins have higher offers on the table.
The Pirates offer is believed to be in the $1.1 million range.
As of yesterday Ohman, 31, was reportedly waiting for other offers from three contenders. The Phillies, Cardinals made inquiries and were considered two of the three contenders Ohman was waiting on but reports surfaced today that both teams won’t be pursuing Ohman.
The Mets and Dodgers have remained in touch with Ohman but no offer has been made to this point