The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports, the Pittsburgh Pirates have offered Freddy Sanchez and Jack Wilson multi-year extensions.
Both players have been actively shopped but with no market for Wilson out there and no immediate player to step in, the Pirates are interested in signing Wilson (Current Salary: $7.4 million) to a muti-year deal at a lower salary than what he is making now.
According to the report, both players may be a packaged signing as Wilson, Sanchez are close friends.
The Pirates appear to be more interested in signing Sanchez now than they were a month ago because potential trade partners are not big fans of

Sanchez’s $8 million option. A number of teams including the Rockies, Giants, Rays, Cubs, Twins, and Mariners have expressed an interest in Sanchez over the past month but at this point, only two of the six teams remain in the mix; Cubs and the Giants.
The player the Pirates covet the most, Eric Young jr does not appear to be a possibility anymore as the Rockies interest has cooled.
The Pirates best hope of acquiring Eric Young jr is by trading Matt Capps to Colorado.