Monday’s Notes
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Pens Practice Update: Nothing real exciting to come out of today’s workout as the Penguins returned to the ice after having Sunday off.
*Brent Johnson did not practice today. Johnson is battling an illnees but he should be back for tomorrow’s workout. The Penguins host the Boston Bruins Wednesdsay night.
*Evgeni Malkin left practice about 40 minutes in. He’s still dealing with the effects of a knee bruise he suffered against the Philadelphia Flyers on Friday, October 29th. Look for him to be okay for Wednesday’s game.
* Marc Andre Fleury of course is the hot story in town. He was yet again following today’s practice.
Head coach Dan Bylsma said today Fleury didn’t start well against Phoenix which is why he pulled the trigger so early and that his team needed to get going. Bylsma said today that Fleury has to get better and it starts in practice.
“He’s got to get better, he’s got to get to his game, ” head coach Dan Bylsma said.

“It comes from practice and focus and it comes from our team and our attitude when we play the game, “Bylsma added.
Meanwhile, Sidney Crosby today hinted that Fleury needs to play. Crosby said in so many words that Fleury needs to get in there for consecutive games (even mentioning 4 or 5 games) to get himself going and that playing a game here and there isn’t going to get him back on track.