The Latest on Danny Markov: Danny Markov to Pittsburgh is a longshot. Markovs price demands have gone down to about 2.5 – 2.8 million per season but I’ve been told Markovs agent Jay Grossman is still asking for a 3 year deal. The Penguins seem intent on going into camp with the roster they have. If talks with Markovs representatives were to get serious in the next couple days, it will be on the Penguins terms. The Penguins are very close to their self imposed cap which makes Markov signing with the Penguins highly unlikely but they do have interest if the price is right. The highest the Penguins can go is 2 years – 5 million.

Forsberg Rumors: Despite what others are saying, Ray Shero has not had any talks with Peter Forsbergs representatives.At this moment, Forsberg is not even listening to offers. The Forsberg rumors have been coming from outsiders that he has a interest in Pittsburgh. That part is true but until Forsberg starts listening to offers, it’s unclear where Forsberg will sign. Forsberg recently told the Swedish newspaper “Aftonbladet” that if he returns to the NHL it would likely be with one of his former teams ‚Äì the Nashville Predators Flyers or Colorado Avalanche. Don’t count out the Canucks. Forsberg and Naslund are close friends.

Chris Porter signs with the St.Louis Blues: As i reported a few days ago, the Penguins made a offer to University of North Dakota forward Chris Porter who signed with the Blues yesterday. The Penguins interest in Porter was mild as they never thought they were the front runners to sign Porter. Porter was looking for a rebuilding situation. The Penguins also missed out on Notre Dame defenseman Wes O’Neill who they had serious interest in. O’Neill signed with the Colorado Avalanche.