Steelers tentative to offer more guaranteed money to James Harrison than what Troy Polamalu received in 2007?

The Harrison Negotiations
James Harrison one of the games most under-paid players is seeking $20 million in guarantees but the Steelers don’t seem willing to match that price tag.
Part of the reason is the organization doesn’t believe Harrison is worth more than what Troy Polamalu received.
Polamalu receives $15.375 million in guarantees
Polamalu Signed a five-year, $33 million contract in 2007. The deal contains $15.375 million guaranteed, including a $10.975 million signing bonus.
The Steelers I’m told have made a four year – $30 million offer to Harrison with $14.5 million guaranteed.
One thing to consider
James Harrison has one year remaining on his contract and the Steelers have all the leverage in the negotiations. There is always the possibility that Harrison could hold out but at age 30, he wouldn’t hold out into the regular season.
Hines Ward was seeking $14-$15 million in guarantees but ended up settling for $9 million in guarantees. I look for the same thing to happen with the Harrison negotiations. The Steelers have the upperhand right now.