Parity is in the air this season. You can make a argument for six-eight teams right now that could be considered the best team in the AFC. That is how wide open the AFC is right now. Last year San Diego, New England and Indianapolis were a step ahead of the rest. That is not the case through the first four weeks of the season
New England (2-1) lost Tom Brady and they are no longer the force they were last season. Indianapolis (1-2) has struggled defensively and their offense hasn’t found their groom. I wouldn’t write them off just yet but their clearly not the team they use to be
San Diego at (2-2) remains one of the most talented teams in the AFC but defensively they have struggled to keep opponents off the scoreboard. Something about Phillips Rivers rubs me the wrong way and I’ll go on the record now saying he never wins a super bowl in San Diego.
Jacksonville (2-2) was the sleeper pick coming into the season but injuries to their offensive line have halted their momentum from last season. The loss of Marcus Stroud has hurt their defense more than people thought it would.

After a blowout win against the Houston Texans the Steelers were brought into the discussion of being the AFC’s best team. Despite being 3-1 that is no longer the case. The offensive line remains an major issue for the Steelers to go along with injuries at running back and to their defensive line. The easy part of the Steelers schedule is over. They have a tough task ahead of them but they are among one of the most talented team’s at the skilled positions.
Tennessee (4-0) is reminding many experts of the 2000 Baltimore Ravens. They have a dominant defense and an offense that controls the clock. Despite the 4-0 record I’m still not sold on the Titans just yet. Just can’t see Kerry Collins at age 35 years old leading this team to the super bowl
The Buffalo Bills are the AFC’s other 4-0 team. I came away very impressed with the Bills in the preseason. Trent Edwards is playing beyond expectations. They are the favorites to win the AFC East.
Denver Broncos (3-1) can score on anybody but they can’t stop anybody. Their dynamic offense will keep them a contender throughout the year but if they can’t improve their run defense, they will be nothing more than a wild card team
So Whose the AFC’s top team
Tennessee is the safe pick but I’m still waiting for them to play some tougher competition. The way things look right now, this could be the year where the 6th seed in the playoffs will have almost the same shot of making the super bowl as the #1 seed.