Steelers earn Wildcard Berth
The Pittsburgh Steelers closed out the regular season with a 13-9 victory over the Cleveland Browns, posting a 12-4 record for the second straight season and third time in four seasons. The win though meant nothing when it came to playoff seeding as the Baltimore Ravens ended the Steelers hopes of locking up the No. 2 seed, defeating the Cincinnati Bengals 24-16, and clinching the No. 2 seed.
The Steelers clinched a wildcard berth and will face the 8-8 Denver Broncos in the wildcard round next weekend in Denver.

1. New England (13-3)
2. Baltimore (12-4)
*Patriots and Ravens earn first round bye*
3. Houston Texans vs 6. Cincinnati Bengals
4. Denver Broncos vs 5. Pittsburgh Steelers