1. Dallas Cowboys (PV 2) 1-0 – The Cowboys took care of business and dominated the Browns. They are the most talented team in the NFL. The Cowboys take on the Philadelphia Eagles in week 2.
2. Pittsburgh Steelers (PV6) 1-0 – Ben Roethlisberger is showing he deserves to be brought up in the same conversation with Manning and Brady. The Steelers defense is younger and more athletic at key positions. It is only one game but the Steelers are the talk of the AFC.
3. New York Giants (PV3) 1-0 – After signing a 5 year extension, wide receiver Plaxico Burress put on a spectacular performance (10rec – 133 yds). The Giants defense looked strong but weren’t tested against the Redskins stagnant offense.

4. Indianapolis Colts (PV4) 0-1 – The Colts were embarrassed at home against the Bears but this group will rebound.
5. Philadelphia Eagles (PV9)1-0 – Donavan McNabb looked like the McNabb of 04 but it was the Rams.
6. Carolina Panthers (PV10) 1-0 – The Panthers jump four spots in our power rankings with a thrilling victory in San Diego.
7. New Orleans Saints (PV13) 1-0 – The Saints РBuccaneers tilt was a phenomenal game. Reggie Bush was dynamic and the Saints defense made big stops down the stretch.
8. New England Patriots (PV4) 1-0 – The Patriots have taken a step back with the loss of Tom Brady. They are no longer a super bowl contender but they will be a factor.
9. Green Bay Packers (PV15) 1-0 – Aaron Rodgers was poised and efficient and did what he had to do. The Packers have the weapons around Rodgers for him to be successful.
10. Jacksonville Jaguars (PV5) 0-1 – Injuries to the offense line has taken this group back a step.
11. San Diego Chargers (PV7) 0-1 РThe Chargers have a lot of talent but I don’t like their squad this year.
12. Tennessee Titans (PV14) 1-0 – The Titans boast one of the leagues top defensive units but they have major issues at the quarterback position. Vince Young is a dynamic player but just hasn’t put it all together. Still, it is way too early to give up on Young .
13. Buffalo Bills (PV18) 1-0 – The Bills are a team to watch. A strong defensive unit and their offense may be coming around. .
14. New York Jets (PV11) 1-0 – Brett Favre was solid and the O-Line opened up a lot of lanes for Thomas Jones. .
15. Chicago Bears (PV24) 1-0 – The Bears shocked the Indianapolis Colts Sunday night. Still not sold on their offense. .
16. Minnesota Vikings (PV12) 0-1 – The Vikings need Tavarus Jackson to take the next step. He showed signs of his big play ability in the second half. .
17. Denver Broncos (PV20) 1-0 – The Broncos were clicking on all cylinders. I hope fantasy football gamers took notice of our sleeper pick last week (Eddie Royal). Run defense needs to improve.
18. Seattle Seahawks (PV8) 0-1 – The Seattle Seahawks take a major plunge in our power rankings. Part the reason is because of their performance against the Bills and another is their depleted receiving corps.
19. Cleveland Browns (PV16) 0-1 – The schedule makers don’t do the Browns any favors this week with the Steelers coming to town.
20. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (PV17) 0-1 – The Bucs defense will keep them competitive in the NFC South. Offense remains an issue.
21. Arizona Cardinals (PV19) 1-0 – Kurt Warner was the right choice at quarterback. Cards need to quit relying on field goals. Get the ball to Fitzgerald in the red zone.
22. Baltimore Ravens (PV26) 1-0 – The Ravens defense looked fast Sunday afternoon and if this offense can improve on a game-by-game basis, the Ravens could surprise some people.
23. Washington Redskins (PV23) 0-1 – Offense needs to come around very soon for the Redskins to have any shot of competing in the NFC EAST.
24. Houston Texans (PV21) 0-1 – Houston showed there not ready for prime time.
25. Atlanta Falcons (PV32) 1-0 – Maybe this team won’t be such a push over. Michael Turner rushed for over 200 yards.
26. Cincinnati Bengals (PV25) 0-1 – Wonder if all those NFL experts still believe Carson Palmer is a better quarterback than Ben Roethlisberger.
27. S.F. 49er’s (PV29) – Turnovers, turnovers, turnovers.
28. Miami Dolphins (PV30) 0-1 – Work in progress but they still had a chance to upset the Jets.
29. Kansas City Chiefs (PV 31) 0-1 – Hung in their with the New England Patriots. No playmaking ability on the offensive side of the ball.
30. Detroit Lions –( PV22) – 0-1 – Embarrassing loss to the Atlanta Falcons .
31. Oakland Raiders (PV27) 0-1 – Disappointing performance on Monday night. The most glaring issue was the play of their secondary which should be strength. .
32. St.Louis Rams (PV28) 0-1 – With the players this team has at the skilled positions, you would think they would be more competitive.
Photo Courtesy of Inside Pittsburgh Sports