Troy-Polamalu-dddd-copy-388x258 EXTENSION COMING FOR POLAMALU?

Troy Polamalu won’t be joining the list of Steelers veterans who are shown the door this off-season. Steelers coaches and top front office personnel men in the organization are both in agreement that Polamalu has a few impact years left in him, sources tell Inside Pittsburgh Sports. The Steelers plan on bringing Polamalu back and the work now is lowering the $10.9 million cap hit in 2014.
Entering the final year of his contract, the Steelers plan to offer Polamalu an extension this off-season, likely around three years.
Steelers coaches in particular feel Polamalu’s transition to a more linebacker role could further his career into his mid-30’s. The question with Polamalu is how many more years he feels like playing but bank on Polamalu being a Steelers for at least two more seasons, health permitted.
Polamalu was rated at the 4th best safety this season by PFF and made his 8th pro bowl.