The NFL has truly entered uncharted waters after District Judge Susan Richard Nelson granted the players injunction request to lift the lockout.
The significance of the ruiling at this point is that there’s “no rules” as Judge Nelson’s ruling on Monday did not include the same rules as the 2010 CBA.
Therefore, at this time, there is no restricted free agency or franchise tags without a CBA. All free agents are free game, restricted and unrestricted could sign for anything.

NFL teams are waiting on a ruiling on the stay which should happen in the next 48 hours and see how things play out in the courts before making any moves but agents are already receiving calls from teams. I can confirm that.
The Steelers just like everyone else can contact their own free agents or free agents around the league if they like.
An agent of a Steelers free agent told me he’s received two calls and characterized the calls as reaching out, while also calling the situation chaos..
If the NFL were to have a season without a CBA based on Judge Nelson lifting the lockout, all contracts are guaranteed which would lock in LaMarr Woodley for 2011 because he signed his franchise tag before the CBA expired.
The players association is also urging players to show up to their respective team facilities to resume off-season workouts. However, teams are currently not allowing players to workout or lift weights.
Most of the Steelers prominent players are elsewhere training, so don’t look for a lot of players to be showing up. Only Ryan Clark and Charlie Batch showed up today.
On a side note, Spoke with Bill Parise, the agent for James Harrison and Harrison is out in Arizona. He’s doing very well after having back surgery this off-season