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Insider Only NFL: Ward frustrated by lack of passes coming his way?

Ward: “The coaches and I know that I’m in the right spots that I need to be”
Hines Ward is not being targeted like a starting wide receiver and throws towards him have been on the decline in the past two weeks. Is he frustrated by it?

“I’m in the right spots that I need to be,” Ward said on Wednesday. “I can’t tell someone or dictate where that ball goes. That’s out of my control, but I know I’m in the right spots. And if my number is called, I have to be there and make plays. But it’s not about me. You guys can (say) Hines is not doing this or statistically or whatever, the coaches and I know that I’m in the right spots that I need to be.
“And when I get my number called, I need to make plays. And I can’t get frustrated to a point where it starts to affect my play on the field. That hasn’t happened, so we continue to work hard and stay positive. I’ve never been a negative person where it’s all about me. I’m all about the team first, and if I’m not getting the ball then I have to do something in the run game.”
Ward has 13 receptions on the season for 136 yards, averaging just 34 yards per game. He has been targeted 23 times this season, compared to Antonio Brown and Mike Wallace who have been targeted 33 and 31 times, respectively.
Ward had one reception for 19 yards against the Houston Texans, and was targeted four times in the game and zero times in the first half.
In week 3 against Indianapolis, Ward was targeted four times.

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