According to a report, Marian Gaborik has been told by a specialist in Colorado to have season-ending surgery. Gaborik has been sidelined for 30 of 36 games with a hip deficiency that has caused a groin injury. Gaborik turned down a multi-year deal from the Minnesota Wild believed to be in the range of $8.2 million per season
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Marian Gaborik has appeared in only 6 of 36 games this season with an apparent groin injury and Gaborik could miss even more time. During the holiday break, the Wild decided to hold Gaborik out until Wednesday but Gaborik was not able to play last night and hasn’t been able to practice. According to the Star Tribune, Gaborik flew to Colorado in recent days to have detailed ultrasounds taken of his troublesome groins.
Tension is growing between the Wild and Gaborik as it’s believed Gaborik will not play unless he is 100%. Gaborik may regret not accepting the Wild’s multi-year offer during the summer. A team would be crazy to sign Gaborik to a long term deal due to his injury history. He may have to take short term deal and prove himself again like Martin Havlat will likely have to do.
As for trade talks, everyday Gaborik is not on the ice the less he going to cost a team that picks him up at the trade deadline. Teams have made it known to Wild GM Doug Risenbrough that they will not mortgage their future for Gaborik.