Teams pursuing Letang, Neal

NHL players are not wasting any time to find jobs in Europe. Evgeni Malkin and Sergei Gonchar’s deals with Mettalurg are official while a slew of other NHLer’s are wrapping up deals including big names Ilya Kovalchuk and Alexander Ovechkin.
For the Penguins, superstar Sidney Crosby intends to wait on the sidelines for a while, but will strongly considering playing overseas if the lockout goes deep into the winter. His agent Pat Brisson has plenty of opportunities in the works when Crosby gives him the okay.
While it’s going to be a couple months before Crosby decides to play anywhere, one Penguin who appears likely to join the KHL immediately is star defenseman Kris Letang. Agent Kent Hughes confirms that Letang has received two offers and will make a decision very soon. Mettalurg had been among the teams that Hughes has spoken with but they might not have the money to sign Letang with Malkin and Gonchar receiving big money.
Another Penguin in pursuit is James Neal who signed a 6 year, $30 million with the Penguins last February. Agent Pat Morris has spoken to clubs in the KHL and others clubs. Neal is weighing his options.