An off-season priority for the Penguins has been to lock up defenseman Kris Letang to a long-term extension. Indications are it will be costly.

After July 1, the Penguins are expected to explore a contract extension for young up and coming defenseman Kris Letang as the Penguins have targeted Letang as an off-season priority.
Meeting Letang’s demands will be a difficult task for the Penguins as sources indicate Letang’s reps will initiate talks at a starting point of 4 years worth $14 million.
Letang is beleived to be looking for upwards of $3.25 million per season and Pittsburgh is likely to give it to him.
Just as there were concerns with Ryan Whitney, Pittsburgh will be concerned with an offer sheet coming Letang’s way next summer, giving his potential and the Penguins tight cap situation.
Whitney’s agent played that scenario perfectly, claiming three teams were prepared to offer the talented defenseman an offer sheet. It led to Pittsburgh offering more years than they wanted to.
As talks will begin in the next week or so, Pittsburgh will try to hold a hard stance of $2.75 million per season being a starting point but it’s going to take over $3 million per to lock Letang up.
These talks could go well into the season like the Jordan Staal talks did.
Sooner, rather than later, Pittsburgh is not going to be able to keep their entire core together and someone is going to have to go.