A week ago I ran these numbers by an individual close to Pascal Dupuis on whether a 3 year deal in the range of $9 million could get a deal done with the Penguins and the individual said “no way…..no chance”. We’re going to find out if that becomes true in the coming days as that’s a number the Penguins may top out at.
As negotiations between the Penguins and Pascal Dupuis have turned “serious”, the Penguins expect to have a good idea by the end of the weekend whether Dupuis will be hitting the open market or not. As expected, it’s been a challenging negotiation for the team from the standpoint of Dupuis eyeing a four year deal and the Dupuis camp strongly believing he’s going to be in line for offers of at least 4 years, $18.5 million on the open market.
The Penguins have sensed that Dupuis has people in his ear to at least see what’s out there on July 3rd when teams can start talking to free agents during the 48 hour window prior to free agency opening up on July 5th.
No deal was imminent as of late Wednesday afternoon.
While Dupuis agent Allan Walsh tried to make the argument that Dupuis is worth $5 million per season when talks initially started last week, team sources said, I get the feeling a 4 year deal in the range of $14 million would have Dupuis signing on the dotted line but the Penguins going four years for Dupuis has been said to be unlikely.

Will the Penguins go four years? That remains to be seen. I was told just after 4:00 p.m. today that there remained a gap on term and money, though both sides intend to keep working on a deal that works for both sides. The expectations were a breakthrough wasn’t imminent but things can always change quickly.
Dupuis agent Allan Walsh is a negotiator who educates himself very well on comparables around the league. I’m sure Danius Zubrus new deal with the New Jersey Devils will get his attention. Tom Gulitti reports Zubrus and the Devils have agreed on a three year extension worth approximately $3 million per season.
Zubrus is a solid two-way player but is 35 years old and played just 22 games last season due to wrist surgery and had 2 goals and 9 points.
For non-core players in their mid-30’s, teams all around the league continue to not be shy about dishing out three to four year deals.