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Media trying to make news out of nothing with latest Crosby rumors

Surprise! We’re about a month away from the start of training camp and suspicious and speculative rumors of Sidney Crosby suffering headaches and not being ready for the opener popped up.
The latest came today from Josh Rimer who is the NHL Home Ice Producer on SiriusXM Radio and Hockey Blogger for
Rimer posted this message on twitter: “Also hearing from 3 sources now that Sidney Crosby won’t be ready 2 start season. I hope its not true because the NHL needs its best players!”
I wasn’t even going to comment on this but since I received so many emails today about the rumor from fans, members (I always welcome emails from members by the way) decided I would update the situation.
The Penguins will surely deny that Crosby has been ruled out for the opener and a source in Crosby’s camp told me tonight that this “BS” doesn’t even warrant a comment, when contacted.
I can confirm that Crosby has slowed down the intensity of his workouts in the past 7-to-10 days but he continues to go through various workouts and there has been no setback.
Regarding his status for the season opener, WE ARE TWO MONTHS AWAY and no one has a clue, not even Crosby.
Would it be a surprise to Crosby’s camp and the Penguins that he’s not ready for the season opener. Not at all….
Before being cleared for contact at any point, the big hurdle for Crosby remains his inability to get through strenuous workouts without any kind symptoms.
Most importantly, nobody knows what’s going to happen until Crosby deals with contact and everyone should keep in mind that no one inside the organization or even in Crosby’s camp has said that he would be ready for the start of the season, let alone be cleared for contact at the start of the camp.
That’s why I still haven’t figured why this story became news and it’s been a shock to me that so many media outlets picked up on this as NBC sports and the two local papers, Post-Gazette and Tribune-Review picked up the story.
Unless Crosby breaks a leg or something training, don’t expect a Crosby update on here until day 1 of camp.

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