Mike Tomlin Press Conference Week 4
Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin has announced Casey Hampton and Willie Parker will not play Monday night. Hampton is out with a groin strain and starting running back Willie Parker is out with a knee sprain. It is very likely that Parker will out for at least a couple weeks. More to come
Casey Hampton – groin strain
Brett Keisel – Calf
Willie Parker – Knee sprain. Week to Week – Tomlin is not ready to say that Parker will be out for next week
Donovan Woods
Ben Roethlisberger will not be limited this week. He should be ready to go on Wednesday according to Tomlin.
Tomlin‚Äôs take on the Eagles: 48 hours after Sunday‚Äôs performance: Tomlin‚Äôs mindset hasn‚Äôt changed. Tomlin told the media he failed to mention some positives after Sunday’s game. Defensively he says the Steelers were excellent. Overall the team didn‚Äôt protect the quarterback and the Steelers weren‚Äôt good enough to win.

Tomlin on the Ravens: Tomlin says the Steelers are ready to go and what better motivation than to play the Ravens. The Ravens are very solid according to Tomlin. Defense is the obvious reason. They have ran the ball 90 times in two games. Controlling the ball. Tomlin says Flacco is managing the game. Tomlin stressed how well the Ravens kicking game has been. Dynamic players on defense. Tomlin mentions the usual suspects Suggs, Lewis, Reed and Scott.
Rashard Mendenhall will be the teams primary back. Tomlin was asked if Rashard is ready and Tomlin said he better be.
At this moment the Steelers aren’t looking to the waiver wire to add some depth to their defensive line. Tomlin did say it could be a possibility down the road.
Tomlin will not make any changes on the offensive line
Deshea Townsend will run tomorrow but it remains to be seen whether he will practice. Tomlin says Bryant McFadden has answered the bell and has stepped up for Townsend
Running back Gary Russell is back on the practice squad. It’s a possibility that he will be on the active roster considering the Steelers only have three active running backs.